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    Lasers, Heat, Metal and Growth Plates

    Do therapy lasers damage tissue with heat? Can you use laser therapy over metal implants and growth plates?

    These are questions I frequently get - this article answers them

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    Interview with Jan Mickelson of WHO Radio

    With Jan Mickelson of WHO RadioOn August 12, 2013 I had the great pleasure to visit Jan Mickelson of WHO Radio at the Iowa State Fair for an interview on K-Laser Class 4 Laser Therapy.

    Interview with Ben Greenfield Fitness

    How You Can Use Lasers To Heal Injuries, Enhance Recovery and Increase Performance

    It was a pleasure chatting with Ben Greenfield of Ben Greenfield Fitness on the beneifts of K-Laser  treatments. Ben is a highly motivated, intelligent teacher, an elite athlete and shares the latest and best information with his followers on Facebook and Twitter.

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    Interview with Dr. Joseph Mercola

    Watch my interview with Dr. Joseph Mercola on Class 4 Laser Therapy.

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    Are you feelin' good?

    Are you feelin' good? Are you pain-free, mobile and active, and able to accomplish all you want to in the day?

    Or do your joints hurt? Do you have back and neck pain? Or headaches?

    Do you have an acute injury that is hobbling you, or a nagging chronic condition that just won't away?

    K-Laser Class 4 Laser Therapy treatments can help!

    Go to my K-Laser page for more information.