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    Walter Reed Military Medical Center

    On Wednesday September 5th I visited Walter Reed (aka Bethesda Naval Hospital) with three doctors from Logan University. I gave a 90-minute presentation on laser therapy to a room full of doctors and internists. Big day! They will be using the K-Laser in their patient health care for phantom limb, stump pain and other health concerns. 



    Multi-Radiance misrepresents laser study

    Multi-Radiance, Erchonia, Thor, and other class 3 laser companies continue to bash class 4 laser therapy. This is a sad and desparate move on their part. There are thousands of class 4 therapy lasers being used every day around the world, safely and effectively treating tens of thousands of human and animal patients.

    In this study, the investigators intentionally burned the lab mice. They were NOT delivering a class 4 therapy laser treatment."In this study, we observed that the NIR laser dose that results in detrimental effects (erythema and tissue damage) on mice skin correlates with a rise in surface temperature (≥45 °C, which is 113 F)." Normal core body temp is 98.6F, and your skin temp is about 94F. When class 4 laser therapy treatments are properly delivered, the skin temp will rise 0.5 to 2 degrees F. NOT TO 113F!!

    Video: Testing skin temperature in area of class 4 therapy laser treatment.

    What a pathetic move by Multi-Radiance.

    Read the study here.




    K-Laser at St. Louis University

    In June I visited the great students and staff at St. Louis University. They will be using the K-Laser with the student athletes at SLU, and learning how to use the K-Laser in their modality courses.

    I spent time with all of the students individually, teaching them how to use the K-Laser.

    And I made a new friend: Jason E. Bennett, PT, Ph.D., SCS, ATC.


    Anatomy of a Therapy Laser

    As a clinician your concern may just be in what comes out of the “black box” and is delivered to your patient. If research shows it works, that might be good enough for you, but we feel it is important for you to understand the basic components.

    There are five principal components between the user and the patient that make up the technology (and the inherent cost) of a laser: 1) laser diodes, 2) the drivers that control the diodes, 3) the cooling mechanism, 4) the electronics that control 1) – 3), and 5) the optics that channel the light.

    Click here to read the rest of the article.


    Lasers, Heat, Metal and Growth Plates

    Do therapy lasers damage tissue with heat? Can you use laser therapy over metal implants and growth plates?

    These are questions I frequently get - this article answers them

    Click the picture to read the article.