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    K-Laser at St. Louis University

    In June I visited the great students and staff at St. Louis University. They will be using the K-Laser with the student athletes at SLU, and learning how to use the K-Laser in their modality courses.

    I spent time with all of the students individually, teaching them how to use the K-Laser.

    And I made a new friend: Jason E. Bennett, PT, Ph.D., SCS, ATC.


    Lasers, Heat, Metal and Growth Plates

    Do therapy lasers damage tissue with heat? Can you use laser therapy over metal implants and growth plates?

    These are questions I frequently get - this article answers them

    Click the picture to read the article.


    Are you feelin' good?

    Are you feelin' good? Are you pain-free, mobile and active, and able to accomplish all you want to in the day?

    Or do your joints hurt? Do you have back and neck pain? Or headaches?

    Do you have an acute injury that is hobbling you, or a nagging chronic condition that just won't away?

    K-Laser Class 4 Laser Therapy treatments can help!

    Go to my K-Laser page for more information.