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    Multi-Radiance misrepresents laser study

    Multi-Radiance, Erchonia, Thor, and other class 3 laser companies continue to bash class 4 laser therapy. This is a sad and desparate move on their part. There are thousands of class 4 therapy lasers being used every day around the world, safely and effectively treating tens of thousands of human and animal patients.

    In this study, the investigators intentionally burned the lab mice. They were NOT delivering a class 4 therapy laser treatment."In this study, we observed that the NIR laser dose that results in detrimental effects (erythema and tissue damage) on mice skin correlates with a rise in surface temperature (≥45 °C, which is 113 F)." Normal core body temp is 98.6F, and your skin temp is about 94F. When class 4 laser therapy treatments are properly delivered, the skin temp will rise 0.5 to 2 degrees F. NOT TO 113F!!

    Video: Testing skin temperature in area of class 4 therapy laser treatment.

    What a pathetic move by Multi-Radiance.

    Read the study here.



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